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ADS-B Mandates for the United States and the European Union

This page provides detailed legal and technical information and links about the two comprehensive ADS-B mandates within U.S. and EU airspaces that will be effective from 2020. Only ADS-B MOPS (Minimum Operational Performance Standard) Version 2 transponders with all required data sets correctly transmitted will be compliant with these mandates. MOPS version 0 or 1 transponders may send certain data subsets as aircraft position and position accuracy, but these will not be accepted as compliant equipment by the authorities. However, third party non aviation certified data providers may opt to use these data, of course, if the accuracy provided is sufficient for their needs.

Other mandates will apply or are in force in less comprehensive airspaces of Canada, Singapore, Hongkong, Australia, North Sea (helicopter operations), and others. These may have other MOPS requirements.

Besides ADS-B transponder mandates there continue to co-exist Mode-S and/or Mode A/C transponder mandates in most regions of the world.

Also a detailed list of mandated and monitored ADS-B broadcast items can be found here. In general those items are monitored by that can be derived from routine messages of ADS-B transponders.

Data items that are transmitted in extraordinary situations only (Ident feature, TCAS RA, etc.) are not monitored. The same applies for items that would require verification by another system (position, altitude, velocity, etc.) or a reliable database (category, length, width). Once a reliable aircraft database is available some items may be monitored in future.

While we try to keep up with the evolving legal base and many regulatory documents dealing with ADS-B we cannot accept any liability for the correctness and completeness of data presented on this page.

Please report dead links to legal documents with the Contact Form.

ADS-B Mandates Legal Documents

Legal mandate United States European Union Remarks
Legislation 14 CFR §91.225 and §91.227 CIR 1207/2011, amended by CIR 2017/386 CIR 2020/587
Technical Standard FAA TSO-C166b ICAO DOC 9871 
Equipment Performance Requirements and Test Procedures RTCA DO-260B (with Corr.1)  EUROCAE ED-102A (with Corr.1) 
Guidance for the installation and airworthiness approval FAA AC 20-165B EASA 2013/031/R and EASA CS-ACNS
Acceptable means of compliance EASA 2008/004/R and AMC 20-24 AMC 20/24 is not current and does not reflect ED-102A
Other regulations EUROCAE ED-161  This document determines the EU requirements for minimum navigational accuracy.
Effectivity January 01, 2020 December 07, 2020
Aircraft All Aircraft with a maximum certified take-off mass exceeding 5,700 kg (12,500 lbs)
or having a maximum cruising true airspeed (TAS) capability greater than 250 knots
Airspace Inside and above certain Class B, C, E airspace. Please read 14 CFR §91.225 for details. All

ADS-B Minimum Equipage and Broadcast Element Set

Item United States European Union Compliance monitored by Remarks Transmitted by
Position (WGS84) Position accuracy cannot be verified by at this stage.
Pressure Altitude
Geometric Altitude (HAE)
Velocity (Track/Speed)
Vertical rate
TCAS installed This flag is not provided by ADS-B Version 2, but "TCAS operative" only. However, it may be unlawful to operate without TCAS for certain aircraft categories or within certain airspaces.
TCAS Resolution Advisory
SSR code 3/A For EU code A1000 must not be transmitted. Surpression of this code is monitored by
Flight plan ID (Callsign)
Emitter category Must not be A0 or B0. Correlation with aircraft type will be monitored at a later stage.
ICAO address (24 bit)
Emergency status Status transmission monitored by
Special Purpose Indicator (Ident)
ADS-B in capability (1090ES and UAT) Capability flags monitored by Equipage is not mandated.
GPS antenna position offset Transmitted on the ground only. monitors data set validity.
Length/width of aircraft/vehicle Transmitted on the ground only. monitors data set validity.
Selected Altitude monitors data set validity.
Barometric Pressure Setting monitors data set validity.
Geometric Vertical Accuracy (GVA)
ADS-B Minimum Operational Performance Standard (MOPS) MUST BE 2. Not transmitted for MOPS 0.
Antenna diversity configuration
Navigational Integrity Category (NIC)/Radius of Containment (RC) <0.2 NM (equals NIC>=7) NIC>=5 | RC<= 1 NM(1) or NIC>=6 | RC<= 0.6 NM(2) (1)For airspaces with 5 NM minimum separation. (2)For airspaces with 3 NM minimum separation.
Navigational Accuracy Category for Position (NACp) 0.05 NM (equals NACp>=8) NACp>=7 | <=0.1 NM
Navigational Accuracy Category for Velocity (NACv) <10 m/s (equals NACv>=1) NACv>=1 | <=10 m/s
System Design Assurance (SDA) 2 (equals <1 x 10-5) 2 (equals <1 x 10-5)
System Integrity Level (SIL) 3 (equals <1 x 10-7) 3 (equals <1 x 10-7)


U.S. mandate by FAA

EU mandate by EASA

Monitored by

Subject to fee

Available from ADS-B MOPS Version 0 transmissions

Available from ADS-B MOPS Version 1 transmissions

Available from ADS-B MOPS Version 2 transmissions

Available from Mode-S ELS replies

Available from Mode-S EHS replies

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